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Newsletter 1-2018

Dear colleagues, friends and readers, We are pleased to contact you with some interesting items. The letter of our Chair Person, Dorothee v. Tippelskirch-Eissing will

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In Memoriam: Ross A. Lazar

by Veronika Grüneise and Dorothee C. von Tippelskirch-Eissing In July 2017, Ross A. Lazar – psychoanalytic psychotherapist of children and adults and organisational consultant, Bion

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Letter of Chairperson

by Dorothee C. von Tippelskirch-Eissing Since our last Newsletter, from February 2016, where we informed you about some of the changes of PCCA, more than

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Newsletter 1-2017

Dear Colleagues, Readers, Friends, It really has been a long time since you have got our last NL. Finally we are ready, with a lot

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In Memoriam: Adib Jarrar

by Fakhry Davids Our colleague Adib Jarrar, a clinical psychologist, organisational consultant and activist based in Ramallah, Palestine, passed away on Sunday 2nd July 2017, four

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