Become A Supporter

We a group of already existing supporting members of PCCA, who are convinced that the work done by PCCA and during their conferences is a necessity to be done constantly. We find this particularly important under the current circumstances,where democracy is being tested and put into question in many parts of the world.

We understand PCCA conferences in the sense of the Tavistock method of group relations work as an extremely valuable possibility to become aware of, examine, and work through half-conscious and unconscious conflicts in groups, that are in a way existential and thus may lead to heavy splitting and hateful controversies or even ruptures among groups, societies and nations. We are aware that these dynamics have roots in the past of all of us and weigh heavily through the existential aspect for all of us.

Maybe you are interested in becoming a supporter yourself.

what does it mean to become a supporter?

It means first of all, being somebody who is convinced of the value of PCCA’s conference work and being able to imagine becoming active in spreading information about it, or maybe work scientifically on it, or take the information into organisations that might need consultation, report on PCCA conferences – certainly there could be other ideas still…

Why contribute

v sign  Offer bursaries to people who would like to participate in a given conference, but cannot afford the fee.
v sign  Work with highly qualified international staff.
v sign  Do research on the interrelatedness between conference design and methodology and the nature of the conflict in focus.

v sign  Publish the results of our research and open questions for information and discussion.
v sign  Translate such publications from one language to another.
v sign  Support the organisation’s activities, meetings and presentations.

Reductions and Payments

Becoming a supporter of PCCA means receiving a 5% reduction on the next conference fees. Though of course, if you would like to show your support by means of further financial contributions or donations, this is very welcome, too.

There is a minimum fee of 60,00€ per year. Annual fees are best paid by “direct debit” inside the Single European Payment Area (SEPA), donations are welcome by bank transfer to our bank account: Partners in Confronting Collective Atrocities – IBAN: DE73 3006 0601 0008 1100 81 – BIC: DAAEDEDDXXX.“