Newsletter 1-2016

Dear Colleagues, Readers, Friends,

this will be an interesting NL with many reports mainly of PCCA member activities. For a long time now we didn´t receive contributions from conference members about their experiences in the last conferences in Klczkow. What is happening? I wished to understand this „abstinence“. Do get in touch.

  • We start with the letter of our chairperson Veronika Grueneisen. She wrote this letter together with Dorothee v. Tippelskirch-Eissing.This is so because Veronika resigned from the chair and hands it over to Dorothee.
  • Dorothee introduces herself in her role as new chairperson of PCCA
  • Fakhry Davids interviewed Anton Obholzer, the second director of the „Nazareth Conferences after Eric Miller.
  • There is a report by Veronika Grueneisen about a one day conference in Krakow/Poland
  • Bettina Jesberg together with Veronika Grueneisen were invited to Paris to talk about our conferences, here is Bettina´s report
  • In the paper „Der Spiegel“ I found an interesting interview with a suicide bomber
  • Claude Lanzmann talks on TV (ARD)  about his film  „Shoah“ in French/German
  • A former Chad Dictator in the The International Criminal Court in the Hague

Karin Lueders.ed.

Letter of chairperson

One of the major developments in PCCA itself is the change in the chair: After eight years, Veronika Grueneisen did not stand again for the chair. With the appropriate mix of sorrow and relief about this step in her own development, and with great delight at Dorothee’s willingness to take up this role, Veronika handed over to Dorothee von Tippelskirch-Eissing who was elected unanimously, as her successor.

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Presentation letter of new chairperson, Dorothee v. Tippelskirch-Eissing

Many of you, who receive our NL, might know me already from your different conference experiences.

I am working as a Psychoanalyst in Berlin, where I have chaired the Berlin Psychoanalytical Institute – Karl Abraham Institute, for the last four years, and been a board member of the German Psychoanalytic Association. My way into Psychoanalysis goes back to my schooldays, but my first studies were in Protestant Theology. It seemed to me the more political, society oriented studies and practices than psychology, at the time.

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Interview with Anton Obholzer, Fakhry Davids

As successor to Eric Miller, who directed the first three conferences, Anton played an important part in the development of the “Nazareth” conferences. Fakhry Davids asked him to share something of his own background and interest in the project:

There are two different angles to this: first, my relationship to Eric, and second, my interest in the work itself

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Report “Can we overcome the unthinkable in psychoanalysis in relation to main historical events?”, Bettina Jesberg

This was the title of a small conference in Paris October 2015, where Veronika Grueneisen and I went to speak to French Psychoanalytic colleagues (SPF) about our experiences with the Nazareth Conferences and PCCA.

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Report “PCCA’s one day event” in Krakow, Veronika Grueneisen

On Dec. 5th, 2015, we had a one day event in Krakow. It was designed to introduce the work of PCCA to a wider Polish audience, but also to introduce the way of thinking about groups and possibly destructively escalating group minds, on a more theoretic level, in order to make it a meaningful event people could profit from even if they did not participate in an experiential event like our ordinary conferences.

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Claude Lanzmann talks on TV (ARD)  about his film  „Shoah“ in French/German

“Shoah” ist der wichtigste Film über den Holocaust. Zwölf Jahre lang hat Claude Lanzmann das fast zehnstündige Meisterwerk erarbeitet. Todesdrohungen, schwere Verletzungen, finanzielle Schwierigkeiten – 30 Jahre nach Vollendung erzählt der Regisseur nun in “Claude Lanzmann – Stimme der Shoah” von den menschlichen und künstlerischen Abgründen, an die ihn das Ringen um die Wahrheit über die Ermordung der Juden führte.”

From newspapers

An Interview with Islamic State’s Architect of Death

“For one and a half years, Abu Abdullah was responsible for organizing Islamic State’s suicide bombings in Baghdad. He is one of the organization’s rare leading figures to be captured alive. SPIEGEL met with him in a high-security prison in Baghdad.”

A former Chad Dictator in the The International Criminal Court in the Hague

“It was over 25 years ago that former Chad dictator Hissène Habré terrorized his population with the blessing of the Reagan White House. Now, he is on trial in Dakar. The proceedings could become a milestone of international criminal law.”

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