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Letter of chairperson, Veronika Grueneisen

This year, we are looking back on 20 years of work confronting collective atrocities: The first Nazareth Conference “Germans and Israelis – The Past in the Present” took place in 1994. A Newsletter to commemorate the beginning, looking at past experience is to come out next.

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Lived Lives and Future Lives in the shadow of Wars

Secrets and Transparencies in Norway, Germany and elsewhere, Renate Groenvold Bugge and Veronika Grueneisen

PCCA planned a conference for June 2014 with the above title, under directorship of Renate Groenvold Bugge, in order to support working through of the atrocities related to WW II, specially to the German occupation of Norway and its after-effects in the Norwegian and German society, both on an individual and societal level. We negotiated cooperation of Nansenskolen, Lillehammer, and its Centre for Peace and Dialogue so as to enter into contact with a Norwegian organisation with a reputation in Norway for dealing with difficult and complex inter-national issues.

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The role of traumatic `Transgenerational unsaid` Historical,social, educational, psychological in life histories, Maria Grazia Riva

The article addresses in an interdisciplinary way an urgent question in Social and Educational Sciences: how is it possible to create space for (new) thinking and awareness in the many cases where war and conflict infect individuals and societies in the telling of stories? How could education break down the cruel prisons of the trans-generational transmission of hatred, cruelty, resentment, revenge?

Recommended films

“Generation War”

by Philipp Kadelbach. German title: “Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter“.


film directed by the Palestinian Hany Abu-Assad.

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