April 6-11 2016

Kliczkow Castle, Poland,

A House Divided Against Itself?
Identities and Cultures in Violent Conflict

The final number of members was 37. The breakdown of the group shows a much higher rate of women to men (30:7), a considerably older group (only 2 under 50 and most in the 56-78 range), and two large nationality groups (18 Germans, 10 Israelis). For the first time we had one member from France. There were 4 UK, 3 USA, 1 Swedish and 1 Polish members.


  • Shmuel Erlich, Director, Israel
  • Dorothee v. Tippelskirch, Associate Director and Administrator, Germany
  • Leslie Brissett, UK
  • Fakhry Davids, UK
  • Allan Shafer, Australia
  • Iwona Soltysinska, Poland
  • Nadine Tchelebi, UK

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