The Self-Imposed Atrocity of
Climate Change:

The Human Factor

2-6 September 2024 Thessaloniki, Greece

2-6 September 2024
Thessaloniki, Greece

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PCCA – Partners in Confronting Collective Atrocities
invites you to participate in its 2024 Experiential Conference

This PCCA conference will be held in-person and in a non-virtual venue for the first time for 5 years. Who could have imagined during the 2019 PCCA conference in Cyprus, before the outbreak of COVID19, that a virus would have prevented us from organizing an in-person event for that length of time?

Over the past 30 years, PCCA has offered various “learning from experience” events to explore individual and societal processes in the occurrence of atrocities. Our learning from COVID19 and from so many other environmental and ecological catastrophes, is that continuous denial will just bring us closer to a self-imposed atrocity. Have we given up on taking ownership of these problems? Could the human factor still play a preventative and constructive role in the emerging climate crisis?

This 2024 PCCA conference in Thessaloniki aims to provide experiential learning opportunities and the setting within which these questions can be examined.

If there’s no one around in the forest to hear it, does it make a sound?

It seems that the tree of climate change has fallen in the forest, and its sound was clearly heard, but unconscious and systemic processes still prevent us from really listening and acknowledging the threat and its fatal consequences.

In March 2023 the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published a harsh evidence-based report that accused humans of causing global warming and warned that its consequences threaten them and the planet unless a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure sustainability is taken.

Although human beings play a key factor in the climate change drama, their voices are rarely heard. They remain silent and helpless in their role of prevention. The UN and other world powers that have taken charge of this challenge have focused mainly on corporations, organisations and nations, that so far, have been incompetent in their efforts to reduce or eliminate the threat.

The history of wars and atrocities teaches us that where people remain bystanders, they are doomed. Given this contemporary issue, this is the self-imposed atrocity of climate change.

PCCA – Partners in Confronting Collective Atrocities is an organisation that works towards developing strategies to engage with the legacy of past and present atrocities so as to open up possibilities for a more hopeful future.

If you are:

  • Concerned about global warming and the climate crisis
  • Wondering why most people are passive as bystanders in our self-fulfilling prophecy of climate destruction
  • Curious and excited about exploring the psychological processes and group relations dynamics that are inherent in this process


then you should participate in this PCCA experiential conference on climate change!



Staff will be drawn from the list below.

They are collectively responsible for managing the conference
and will take up consultant roles in the different events.

Oren Kaplan | PhD

Professor of Psychology (PhD) | MBA, Economist | Clinical Psychologist, Private clinic | Researcher in trauma and resilience | Chair, Positive Psychology Program; Chair, Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) Management Program, LAHAV, Tel Aviv University | Former President, College of Management, Israel | PCCA Board Member | Israel

Olya Khaleelee 
Associate Director

Is a corporate psychologist and organisational consultant with a particular interest in leadership, and organisational transition and transformation. She is currently Chairwoman of OPUS: an Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society, is a professional partner of the Tavistock Institute and was the first female director of the Leicester Conference on the theme of Authority Leadership and Organisation. She has published extensively in the areas of leadership and system psychodynamics in organisations, and beyond, into society. She has co-authored two books with Halina Brunning, the first entitled: “Danse Macabre and other stories – A psychoanalytic perspective on global dynamics”, published in 2021, and last year, they co-edited a second book entitled “The Covid Trail – Psychodynamic Explorations”, both published by Phoenix, now Karnac. A third book, Sitting on a Suitcase, is in preparation. | United Kingdom


Leila Djemal | MA
Associate Director for
Pre-Conference Administration

Organization Development Consultant and Executive Coach | Founder, past Co-Director and Instructor, TouchOFEK Professional Development Courses | Graduate, William Alanson White Psychoanalytic Institute Organizational Dynamics Program, New York | Directed and staffed Group Relations Conferences in Israel and abroad. | Held senior positions in advertising and marketing. | Associate, A.K. Rice Institute, USA | Member, Past Board Member, OFEK, Israel | Israel

Galia Schutz | MBA

Psychodynamic Therapist | Partner, Director of Impact, Marketing & Sales, MOLET – Sustainable Design | Alumna, Heschel Center for Sustainability’s Fellows Program | Galia has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, as well as in the development and management of cross-organizational projects. This includes fostering collaborations with academic institutions, businesses, and civil society organizations | Israel

Leslie Brissett JP | PhD, FRSA

Board Secretary to the International Psychoanalytical Association. Group Relations Programme Director (2018-2023), Company Secretary and Principal Consultant Researcher (2013- 2023) at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, London. Director of 7 Leicester Conferences, directed the first Tavistock Conferences in China and the Caribbean. Member of UK Judiciary. | UK, USA

Louisa Diana Brunner | PhD

Leadership and Management Consultant | Executive Coach | Visiting Lecturer and Advance Practice Lead, Tavistock and Portman Professional Doctorate (D10D) and Certificate (D10C) in Consultation and the Organisation | Founding Member, PCCA (Partners for Confronting Collective Atrocities) | Member, OFEK; OPUS; ISPSO | Honorary Member, Il Nodo Group | Fellow, FFI (Family Firm Institute) | Italy

Shmuel Erlich | PhD

Training and Supervising Analyst and former President of the Israel Psychoanalytic Society. | Was Sigmund Freud Professor of Psychoanalysis and Director of the Sigmund Freud Center at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. | Founding Member of OFEK and PCCA and has directed many of their conferences. | Has published on group and organizational dynamics and authored two books: The Couch in the Marketplace: Psychoanalysis and Social Reality, and Fed with Tears, Poisoned with Milk: The German-Israeli Group Relations Conferences. | Israel

Mira Erlich-Ginor | MA

Training and Supervising Analyst, Israel Psychoanalytic Society | Founding Member and past-Chairperson, OFEK | Initiated and participated in the “Nazareth Project”, working with trans-generational transmission of trauma in Israelis and Germans | Founding Member and Secretary, PCCA | Co-author of “Fed with Tears, Poisoned with Milk”. | Directed conferences on behalf of OFEK in Israel and on behalf of PCCA. Past European Representative, IPA Board | Chair, Steering Committee, IPA in the Community and the World | Israel

Christoph Freytag

Economist, Banker, Impact Investor | Managing Director, Finance in Motion, an impact asset management company. | Lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. | Over twenty-five years of experience in building and managing financial institutions in Eastern Europe, South-Eastern Europe and Germany. | Treasurer and Management Board Member of PCCA | Germany

Zahid Hoosein Gangjee | MSc

BSc (Psychology), MSc (Applied Psychology), Fellow, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad | Chief Executive, “Zahid Gangjee and Associates: Organisation and HR Consultancy”, helping organisations, groups & individuals manage change | Since 1977, directed / staffed Group Relations Conferences in India and abroad | Taught behavioural science at two institutions in India and been a senior manager with two large Indian organisations | Fellow, Coaching Foundation of India | Associate Member, Group Relations India | India

Nadine Tchelebi | PhD

Systems-Psychodynamics of Organisations and Groups | Organisational Development Consultant | Expertise: group decision-making processes in organisations | Former Senior Lecturer Bristol Business School, INSEAD Fontainebleau | Former Editor “Organisational & Social Dynamics” | Former Tavistock group relations consultant | Former member of ISPSO (International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations), DGGO (German Society for Group and Organisational Dynamics). | Germany

Dorothee von Tippelskirch-Eissing | Dr. phil., Dipl. Psych. 

Psychoanalyst in private practice, Supervisor and Training Analyst (DPV/IPA) | Incoming president of the German Psychoanalytic Association (DPV / IPA) | Member of the Karl-Abraham-Institute, Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute (BPI), and its former chairperson | Member of the Board of Partners in Confronting Collective Atrocities (PCCA), and its former Chairperson | Germany


Thessaloniki, a city with a multi-cultural heart, is a beautiful blend of Greek, Jewish, Armenian and Ottoman traditions, where ancient sites sit quietly between more modern buildings. Here, the layers of Greece’s complicated history are strikingly obvious, with ancient Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine architecture visible as a testament to the centuries of occupation and the variety of influences that have left their mark on the food, culture, and way of life in this unique city.

Porto Palace Hotel

Housed in a historical 1913 building and preserving its industrial architecture, Porto Palace Hotel is a unique five-star hotel located in the New Harbour area of Thessaloniki, very close to the city centre minutes from the Railway Station and twenty minutes from the airport.

Committed to sustainability and environmental protection, the hotel participates in a #gopafree cigarette butt recycling program with the goal of reducing environmental impact and raising awareness among visitors about the importance of recycling hazardous urban waste such as cigarette butts.

Porto Palace Hotel
65, 26 Octovriou Avenue
54628 Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel. +30 2310 504 504
Email. [email protected]


PARTNERS IN CONFRONTING COLLECTIVE ATROCITIES works towards developing strategies to engage with the legacy of past atrocities that can contribute to opening up the possibility of a more hopeful future.
The aim of the organization is to work through the effects of the Holocaust and of past and present national and international conflicts that lead to destructive escalation, in the service of a better understanding among national groups worldwide.

PCCA was the recipient of the 2019 Sigourney award for its work in pioneering community-based psychoanalytic/social interventions to address the residual effects of trauma and atrocities, which was recognized as an outstanding contribution to psychoanalysis and its ability to reduce human suffering and understand human affairs.



The conference is residential and takes place at the Porto Palace Hotel in the ancient city of Thessaloniki, Greece, a historical trading center at the crossroads between East and West and today
easily accessible from different parts of the world.
The hotel is housed in a converted industrial building on the seafront, that dates from 1913 and is listed as a preserved modern monument, making it an ideal venue for this kind of conference.


The conference will begin on Monday, 2 September 2024 at 14:00
and end on Friday, 6 September at 11:00.
A detailed timetable will be available at the beginning of the conference.

How to Register

To register for the conference, please fill out the online Registration Form.
Registration will take effect once payment has been made.


The conference fee includes accommodation and full board (three meals a day and light snacks in-between), with a choice of single or shared occupancy lodging.
For shared occupancy, a roommate will be assigned if a preference
is not stated in advance of the conference.

Last date for registration: Friday, 23 August 2024

Note: Early registration is advised as the number of spaces is limited.

Single occupancy

Until 31.03.24   |   € 1,750 

01.04.24 – 26.06.24  |   € 1,880

27.06.24 – 23.08.24  |   € 2,010

Shared occupancy

Until 31.03.24   |   € 1,560 

01.04.24 – 26.06.24  |   € 1,690

27.06.24 – 23.08.24  |   € 1,820

A bursary of € 150 can be requested by participants from Eastern Europe and Developing Countries.

Methods of Payment

Payment can be made:

By credit card online
By credit card over the telephone

Cancellation Policy

Notice of cancellation will incur cancellation charges as detailed below:

Until 31.03.2024 – € 100

01.04.24 – 26.06.24 – € 300

27.06.24 – 02.08.23 – € 500

After 02.08.24 – Conference fees cannot be refunded.

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For further information or assistance please contact us at [email protected]