80 years later, will history repeat itself? The fallout of the holocaust over those affected Looking back, moving forward

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80‭ ‬years later‭, ‬will history repeat itself‭?‬ The fallout of the holocaust over those affected Looking back‭, ‬moving forward Director's report   "The past is never dead. It's not even past." W. Faulkner, Requiem for a nun This conference in the context of PCCA This conference in the context of PCCA This conference‭, ‬marking 80‭ ‬years to the beginning [...]

Director’s Report – March 2019

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 by Louisa Diana Brunner - PCCA 2018 Conference Director This conference was the 11th conference in the so–called Nazareth series of the Past in the Present and the 7th conference since PCCA was established in 2007. This project started nearly 25 years ago. This conference was built on the previous ones and especially on [...]

Director’s report

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European Victims and Perpetrators Now and Then, August 27-September 1, 2014 Kliczków Castle, Poland by Shmuel Erlich Conference Title and Concept This conference was conceived in the wake of the previous one and in many way was planned as its continuation. We adopted the same title, albeit with a slight change: Instead of "Perpetrators and Victims" [...]

Summary Analysis of Kliczkow Questionnaires

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by Processed by Shmuel Erlich 1. We received 19 responses, with the following breakdown: 4 Germans, 1 German- Polish, 5 Israelis, 1 Palestinian, 1 Polish, 1 Canadian, 1 UK, 1 Netherland, 2 Serbs, 2 Italians. 2. It is quite difficult to draw general conclusions from these responses, since they are very personal statements and highly personalized [...]

Director’s Report

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European Perpetrators and Victims Then and Now  September 5-10, 2012 Kliczków Castle, Poland by Shmuel Erlich This conference has its own background and developmental stages. On one hand, it is part of a series, variously named "The Nazareth Conferences" or "The Past in the Present". On the other hand, it represents a significant shift in aim, scope [...]