Peut-on dépasser les impensés de la psychanalyse en relation aux évènements historiques majeurs?

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Can we overcome the unthinkable in psychoanalysis in relation to main historical events? by Bettina Jesberg This was the title of a small conference in Paris October 2015, where Veronika Grueneisen and I went to speak to French Psychoanalytic colleagues (SPF) about our experiences with the Nazareth Conferences and PCCA. We are very grateful, especially to [...]

Perpetrators and Victims –Then and Now

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by Dorothee v. Tippelskirch-Eissing First of all I want to thank those who have brought me here, especially Barabra Williams and Kas Tutors, who have been so kind to coordinate this workshop in such a generous and courageous way. It is a great honour for me having been invited to the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society & Institute [...]

Shaping the Future by Confronting the Past

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Germans, Jews, and Affected Others by Shmuel Erlich Panel IPA Congress 2007 "I am so disappointed - why are there so few Israelis here?" This question of a German analyst opened the first Nazareth Conference. An immediate answer came from an elderly Israeli woman: "If you had not killed so many of us, there would have [...]

Germans and Israelis:

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The Past in the Present by Mira Erlich-Ginor Panel IPA Congress 2007 I will talk to the experience of the Israeli/Jewish participants in these conferences, by concentrating on the questions of the resistances (why not), the motivation (why yes) and the: mutative factor (how does it work). I will also present citations from contributions participants wrote [...]

Shaping the Future by Confronting the Past

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Germans, Jews and Affected Others by Ursula Kreuzer Haustein Presented at the 2007 IPA Congress in Berlin Jona Rosenfeld, the Israeli administrator of the inaugural Nazareth Conference, posed a question as to the meaning of the conference during the opening plenum and questioned whether or not the project could also be considered to be obscene. What [...]