A different view of the “Central Event”

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Cyprus 2010 After reading the comments on the PCCA-website, recently, on the Cyprus conference, June 2010, “Repeating, Reflecting, Moving on: Germans, Jews, Israelis, Palestinians and Others today”, I found myself reflecting on them and not getting away from it. Therefore, encouraged by Veronica Grueneisen, to whom I talked about it occasionally, I would like to add [...]

Overview about initiatives and progressive steps

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A planned German-Norwegian Group Conference about The Past in the Present by Hermann Beland The idea for the German-Norwegian Conf. is founded in the assumption, that traumatic memories from the Shoah and the German occupation in hundreds of thousands of people were not met so far, shared and acknowledged/understood, but are still influential in the unconscious [...]

Among Germans

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Cyprus 2010 / by Christiane Greiner At my first conference in 2008 I found myself avoiding the Germans. Being a German who had lived in the united states for many years I felt most comfortable to speak English and I did not want to have anything to do with the Germans, who seemed to me so [...]

Thoughts on the workshop “Repeating, Reflecting, Moving On”

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Reflecting on repetition - do we really move on? by Miri Tsadok (first published in Kav Ofek)   The Primary Task of the conference is defined as providing opportunities for participants to explore the full range of feelings and fantasies about 'German-ness', 'Israeli-ness', 'Jewish-ness', 'Palestinian-ness' and 'Other-ness, how these influence relations within and between the different groups [...]

Changes for Germans?

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What happens, if Arab/Palestinians join Germans und Jews/Israelis in the Cyprus-Conferences? by Gisela Gruenewald-Zemsch, Nuernberg I do not know very much about former conferences despite of some emotionally loaded and personal reports of participants and my reading of the first book. Thus, my experience covers only the last two conferences in Cyprus with Jewish/Israeli, Arab/Palestinian and [...]

The womb it crawled from is still going strong

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(Berthold Brecht) by Wolfgang Martin Roth Before I  report on my experience from the German group, I’d like make a remark on the System Eventand its boundary management. In my view the processes within the System Event must be seen in the light of its own independent process, yet the possibility of the cross border traffic, visits of individual members [...]