An enactment of discrimination against people with disabilities – March 2019

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by Dr Allan Shafer - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist & Socioanalyst, Melbourne. Accompanying a Special Exhibition - Registered, persecuted, annihilated: The Sick and Disabled under National Socialism, the Jewish Holocaust Centre of Melbourne, convened a workshop on the 9th December 2018 on the theme “Registered, Persecuted, Annihilated: The legacy of the Nazi persecution of people with disabilities”. This theme corresponded well [...]

A note on the Tavistock Institute 70th Anniversary Festival

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by Olya Khaleelee Earlier this year I was taken aback to be invited by Mannie Sher to join him and other 'senior' colleagues to run an event for the 'Silver Generation' as part of the Tavistock Institute's 70th anniversary celebrations. Only those over 70 were permitted to take part although as it turned out one of [...]

30 years of OFEK – A look from within and from without

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by Dorothee C. von Tippelskirch-Eissing My first encounter with OFEK has been an indirect one: being a member in one of the so-called German-Israeli conferences, also known under the title: “the past in the present”, in 2004, directed by Anton Obholzer. It was this series of conferences which led to the founding of PCCA (Partners in [...]

“A German Dilemma: Challenging Experiences at a Tavistock Conference in Poland”

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by Isabelle Reiniger Part One: Introduction, Background, and Experiences When the group asked Silke (names have been changed to protect confidentiality) about her headache and why she might be feeling tired and bored, she turned to me and said in her German accent, “I am tired of your shit!” And to Thorsten, the only man in [...]

The ‘Seeking Asylum Project’

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by Allan Shafer I first proposed the ‘Seeking Asylum Project’ to the members of Group Relations Australia (GRA) in 2013 in the context of disturbing policies about refugees and asylum seekers arriving by boat. Those policies had been implemented by the Australian government at the time and by past governments. I was mindful of the fact [...]

The Road to Nazareth

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Evolving a Joint Solution to the Aftermath of the “Final Solution” by Shmuel Erlich The road leading to the conception and implementation of the conference “Germans and Israelis – the Past in the Presence” (the so-called Nazareth Conference) represents a confluence of different themes, events, and personal as well as institutional contributions stretching over a period [...]

“Miller the Pillar”

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Contributions to the the Nazareth Project by Mira Erlich-Ginor "Miller the Pillar” was one of Eric’s interpretations in a Large Group in Israel in a Group Relations conference. He experienced the group as too dependent on him and envisioned himself as being the pillar in the mind of the group. For us,  who initiated and worked [...]

Looking back in amazement

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On the Unexpected Contribution of Collective on Reflection-Based-Ongoing Learning via Group Relation Conferences by Jona M. Rosenfeld, Ph.D. I have often asked myself how I have so willingly and persistently worked with, and learned from, the Group Relation Conferences in the Tavistock Tradition over the past 30 years – and done so with so much ardor. [...]

Another look at the place of action in the SE in Cyprus 2010

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by Angelika Zitzelsberger-Schlez Some participants of the conference 2010 have written in the newsletter about the “antisemitic attack” in the SE-meeting of Germans and Jews/Israelis which was heard as if the author of the remark has said: You jews are responsible for the holocaust because you didn´t interfere in the armenian genocide. This interpretation of the [...]

Lyn Yonack

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A few weeks after returning home from the 2010 Conference in Cyprus: ”Repeating, Reflecting, Moving on: Germans, Jews, Israelis, Palestinians, Others – Today,” I received an email and questionnaire “as a means for developing the Nazareth Conferences Project and for working on the next conference.” That night, I had a dream: I opened the attachment (which [...]