Letter of Chairperson

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by Dorothee C. von Tippelskirch-Eissing Since our last Newsletter, from February 2016, where we informed you about some of the changes of PCCA, more than a year has passed by. We used this time to adapt to our new situation and to find our way in different ways: There were changes in the PCCA board: [...]

Newsletter 1-2017

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Dear Colleagues, Readers, Friends, It really has been a long time since you have got our last NL. Finally we are ready, with a lot to read: Letter of our Chairperson Dorothee v. Tippelskirch-Eissing. Two Board Members are introducing themselves: Nadine Tchelebi and Christoph Freytag. Obituary for Adib Jarrar by Fakhry Davids. Director's Report: Kliczkow Conference [...]

Presentation letter of Nadine Tchelebi and Christoph Freytag

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by Nadine Tchelebi and Christoph Freytag Dr Nadine Riad Tchelebi – Personal Profile I have been curious about intergroup dynamics, particularly those that cause people to split into oppositions for a very long time now. By conscious choice, this interest has fuelled my PhD inquiry and consecutive research projects in the academic [...]

In Memoriam: Adib Jarrar

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by Fakhry Davids Our colleague Adib Jarrar, a clinical psychologist, organisational consultant and activist based in Ramallah, Palestine, passed away on Sunday 2nd July 2017, four days after undergoing open heart surgery for a condition that had left him increasingly debilitated and frail.  Today, Friday 7th July, he was buried in Acca (Acre), the city of his birth, [...]

“Exclusion, Resentment and the Return of the Repressed. Europe in a Globalized World”

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by Louisa Diana Brunner - Conference Director PCCA Conference 2018 30th August – 3rd September The Netherlands The European Union was built in the shadow of the Holocaust in the aftermath of the war, partly to avoid a repetition of that past tragedy. Was it only a dream or an ideal? Today Europe as it has [...]

“A German Dilemma: Challenging Experiences at a Tavistock Conference in Poland”

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by Isabelle Reiniger Part One: Introduction, Background, and Experiences When the group asked Silke (names have been changed to protect confidentiality) about her headache and why she might be feeling tired and bored, she turned to me and said in her German accent, “I am tired of your shit!” And to Thorsten, the only man in [...]

The ‘Seeking Asylum Project’

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by Allan Shafer I first proposed the ‘Seeking Asylum Project’ to the members of Group Relations Australia (GRA) in 2013 in the context of disturbing policies about refugees and asylum seekers arriving by boat. Those policies had been implemented by the Australian government at the time and by past governments. I was mindful of the fact [...]