Letter of Chairperson

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Past: Veronika Grueneisen and present: Dorothee C. von Tippelskirch-Eissing One of the major developments in PCCA itself is the change in the chair: After eight years, Veronika Grueneisen did not stand again for the chair. With the appropriate mix of sorrow and relief about this step in her own development, and with great delight at Dorothee's [...]

A House Divided Against Itself?

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Identities and Cultures in Violent Conflict April 6 – 11 2016, Kliczków Castle, Poland Europe and many parts of the world are experiencing tension, fear and unrest caused by the surfacing and eruption of new and old threats: financial uncertainty and crisis, religious and ethnic intolerance, waves of legal and illegal immigration, and minorities [...]

Presentation letter of new Chairperson

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by Dorothee v. Tippelskirch-Eissing Many of you, who receive our NL, might know me already from your different conference experiences. I am working as a Psychoanalyst in Berlin, where I have chaired the Berlin Psychoanalytical Institute - Karl Abraham Institute, for the last four years, and been a board member of the German Psychoanalytic Association. My [...]

Interview with Anton Obholzer

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by Fakhry Davids As successor to Eric Miller, who directed the first three conferences, Anton played an important part in the development of the “Nazareth” conferences. Fakhry Davids asked him to share something of his own background and interest in the project: There are two different angles to this: first, my relationship to Eric, and second, [...]

Newsletter 1-2016

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Dear Colleagues, Readers, Friends, this will be an interesting NL with many reports mainly of PCCA member activities. For a long time now we didn´t receive contributions from conference members about their experiences in the last conferences in Klczkow. What is happening? I wished to understand this „abstinence“. Do get in touch. We start with the [...]

Peut-on dépasser les impensés de la psychanalyse en relation aux évènements historiques majeurs?

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Can we overcome the unthinkable in psychoanalysis in relation to main historical events? by Bettina Jesberg This was the title of a small conference in Paris October 2015, where Veronika Grueneisen and I went to speak to French Psychoanalytic colleagues (SPF) about our experiences with the Nazareth Conferences and PCCA. We are very grateful, especially to [...]