European Victims and Perpetrators Now and Then

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An Experiential Working Conference in the Series “The Past in the Present”  August 27 – September 1 2014, Kliczków Castle, Poland FOCUS: Europe today is undergoing severe crises, affecting European national identity, economic security and financial stability. The dream of a unified peaceful Europe appears to be receding and increasingly threatened. Yet the present instability [...]

Lived Life and Future Life in the Shadow of Wars

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Secrets and Transparency in Norway, Germany and Elsewhere  Nansen Academy, Lillehammer / Norway, June 10th – 12th, 2014 World War II has caused major atrocities in all countries affected by German invasion. These have produced profound and deeply lodged suspicion, hostility and enmity, not only between victims and perpetrators, but also in their children [...]

Letter of Chairperson

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by Veronika Grueneisen This year, we are looking back on 20 years of work confronting collective atrocities: The first Nazareth Conference “Germans and Israelis – The Past in the Present” took place in 1994. A Newsletter to commemorate the beginning, looking at past experience is to come out next. The first conference encouraged those who were involved in [...]