Rafael Moses

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a Cain- interpretation by Hermann Beland Rafael Moses belongs to the fathers of the Nazareth conferences. I will recall some memories which belong to the pioneering and mostly very courageous initiatives Rafael has organized confronting atrocities, helping both sides in the conflicts by letting meet both sides. I also want to remind us how he was [...]

Overview about initiatives and progressive steps

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A planned German-Norwegian Group Conference about The Past in the Present by Hermann Beland The idea for the German-Norwegian Conf. is founded in the assumption, that traumatic memories from the Shoah and the German occupation in hundreds of thousands of people were not met so far, shared and acknowledged/understood, but are still influential in the unconscious [...]

Book Publication

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Fed with Tears, Poisoned with Milk by Shmuel Erlich, Mira Erlich-Ginor, Hermann Beland (Hrsg.) Story of first three Conferences of Germans and Israelis (Nazareth, Bad Segeberg). Read the foreword here This volume aims to make a unique and significant contribution to the proliferating literature on German-Israeli relatedness in the post-Holocaust [...]

Collective Mourning

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Who or What Frees a Collective to Mourn? by Hermann Beland 1.     Approach to the Grief of Loss of Self via a Comparison with Freud’s Empiricism and the History of the Theory of Mourning I would like to speak to you about collective mourning as someone who himself would like to learn something about his personal share [...]