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"My PCCA” experience is now a bit more than 3 years old - so rather young in comparison to other PCCA members, and probably most subscribers of this newsletter. I was initially attracted to PCCA’s work, because I have been working for economic development in Eastern Europe for most of my professional life; and so the [...]

Financing PCCA e.V.

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Partners in confronting collective atrocities e.V. is a German non-profit and charitable society. It benefits from a special status, granted by the German tax authority, which allows it to issue tax certificates to its donors, which can use these for tax deduction purposes. PCCA is also exempt from paying corporate taxes. These privileges are granted and [...]

Report on PCCA’s Annual Meeting

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by Christoph Freytag On September 2nd, the Board of PCCA met in Jerusalem for two and a half days. On the evening before, Mira Ehrlich-Ginor and Shmuel Ehrlich invited the Board for a warm welcoming dinner at the house. The board met for the first time in its new composition, with Nadine Tchelebi, Oren Kaplan and [...]

Presentation letter of Nadine Tchelebi and Christoph Freytag

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by Nadine Tchelebi and Christoph Freytag Dr Nadine Riad Tchelebi – Personal Profile I have been curious about intergroup dynamics, particularly those that cause people to split into oppositions for a very long time now. By conscious choice, this interest has fuelled my PhD inquiry and consecutive research projects in the academic [...]