Letter to former Participants of the Nazareth conferences and the conferences Europe in a globalized world – March 2019

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Dear former participant of the above mentioned conferences which were organized by PCCA, we write this letter to you in order to encourage you to become a supporting member of PCCA. “We” are  a group of already existing supporting members of PCCA, who are convinced that the work done by PCCA and during their conferences is [...]

Peut-on dépasser les impensés de la psychanalyse en relation aux évènements historiques majeurs?

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Can we overcome the unthinkable in psychoanalysis in relation to main historical events? by Bettina Jesberg This was the title of a small conference in Paris October 2015, where Veronika Grueneisen and I went to speak to French Psychoanalytic colleagues (SPF) about our experiences with the Nazareth Conferences and PCCA. We are very grateful, especially to [...]

A different view of the “Central Event”

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Cyprus 2010 After reading the comments on the PCCA-website, recently, on the Cyprus conference, June 2010, “Repeating, Reflecting, Moving on: Germans, Jews, Israelis, Palestinians and Others today”, I found myself reflecting on them and not getting away from it. Therefore, encouraged by Veronica Grueneisen, to whom I talked about it occasionally, I would like to add [...]