An enactment of discrimination against people with disabilities – March 2019

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by Dr Allan Shafer - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist & Socioanalyst, Melbourne. Accompanying a Special Exhibition - Registered, persecuted, annihilated: The Sick and Disabled under National Socialism, the Jewish Holocaust Centre of Melbourne, convened a workshop on the 9th December 2018 on the theme “Registered, Persecuted, Annihilated: The legacy of the Nazi persecution of people with disabilities”. This theme corresponded well [...]

The ‘Seeking Asylum Project’

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by Allan Shafer I first proposed the ‘Seeking Asylum Project’ to the members of Group Relations Australia (GRA) in 2013 in the context of disturbing policies about refugees and asylum seekers arriving by boat. Those policies had been implemented by the Australian government at the time and by past governments. I was mindful of the fact [...]