The History of the PCCA

The work of PCCA has a long and distinguished history. The original idea was proposed by a group of brave and visionary psychoanalysts, psychotherapists and group relations consultants in the mid 1980s who felt that a great opportunity for learning from experience about man’s inhumanity to man - in particular the instance of the Holocaust - was being avoided and this topic needed to be addressed with some urgency before personal, group and national defensive processes became so set in stone that learning was no longer possible. They accordingly set up a series of conferences, the first two held in Israel, the third in Germany and the next three in Cyprus. Whereas the first conferences focused specifically on German/Jewish/Israeli relationships, the last three conferences opened up the theme to a wider membership, for want of a better term called Others. The following conferences retained their roots in the events of the Holocaust and the learning that both staff and members have had from this work, but extended their work to specific groups, in this case Palestinians, as well as leaving the door open to membership of other groups that have similarly been caught up in processes of ill treatment and genocide.