Rafael Moses

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a Cain- interpretation by Hermann Beland Rafael Moses belongs to the fathers of the Nazareth conferences. I will recall some memories which belong to the pioneering and mostly very courageous initiatives Rafael has organized confronting atrocities, helping both sides in the conflicts by letting meet both sides. I also want to remind us how he was [...]

Design and Structure

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The Process of Conference Design by Eric Miller It was in the spring of 1992 that I had the privilege of being invited to serve as director of the first German-Israeli conference. A small group of psychoanalysts from the two countries had for several years been working towards an encounter of this kind; now I was [...]

Conferences 1994-2014

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PCCA (2014) Veronika Grueneisen, Chair Louisa Bruner (MC) Mira Erlich-Ginor (MC) Karin Lueders (editor NL) Dorothee von Tippelskirch (Chair Elect) Hermann Beland Fakhry Davids Shmuel Erlich Jona Rosenfeld Advisory Board (2014) Olya Khaleelee Anton Obholzer Ed Shapiro Conferences I. The Past in the Present: Germans and Israelis, Nazareth 1994 II. The Past in the Present: Germans and Israelis, [...]

Thoughts on the workshop “Repeating, Reflecting, Moving On”

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Reflecting on repetition - do we really move on? by Miri Tsadok (first published in Kav Ofek)   The Primary Task of the conference is defined as providing opportunities for participants to explore the full range of feelings and fantasies about 'German-ness', 'Israeli-ness', 'Jewish-ness', 'Palestinian-ness' and 'Other-ness, how these influence relations within and between the different groups [...]

Collective Mourning

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Who or What Frees a Collective to Mourn? by Hermann Beland 1.     Approach to the Grief of Loss of Self via a Comparison with Freud’s Empiricism and the History of the Theory of Mourning I would like to speak to you about collective mourning as someone who himself would like to learn something about his personal share [...]

Shaping the Future by Confronting the Past

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Germans, Jews and Affected Others by Ursula Kreuzer Haustein Presented at the 2007 IPA Congress in Berlin Jona Rosenfeld, the Israeli administrator of the inaugural Nazareth Conference, posed a question as to the meaning of the conference during the opening plenum and questioned whether or not the project could also be considered to be obscene. What [...]